We are female travelers sharing honest stories.

We soak in every minute and enjoy every vista, but we also don’t sugar coat it when things take an unexpected turn.

We know that every mistake and mishap is an opportunity to build up our own confidence.

We take the wheel and create adventure on our own terms.

We are weekend warriors, long-time travelers, vacation road trippers, seasonal workers, and everything in between.

We built, bought, borrowed, and rented the vehicles that get us from Point A to Point B.

We travel solo, in couples and families, among friends, and with our pets.

We believe that trying counts, and there’s no wrong way to get started.

We know that as a community, we are continually seen, supported, and inspired.



Before Women on the Road was a podcast and a flourishing community of female-identifying travellers, it was a series of written interviews on She-Explores.com that Gale Straub started as she set out on the road herself in 2014. Over a hundred women were featured in written interviews, generously answering questions about their rigs, routes, and relationships.

Laura Hughes was featured in the written series pretty early on and became part of the She Explores team. With Gale’s blessing and mentorship, she launched the Women on the Road podcast from her camper van in the summer of 2017.

The community has expanded due, in large part, to the enthusiasm of all of you.

Participation of our contributors, readers, listeners, & fellow travelers has been vital all along.

Women on the Road and She Explores have always been called “sister podcasts” and our brands still work closely together with common goals and values. We tell stories, produce audio and digital content, and cultivate community under the umbrella of Ravel Creative, LLC.


Photo by  The Hearnes .

Photo by The Hearnes.

Laura Hughes is a part-time traveler and full-time creative, seeking inspiration on the road and through the voices of others. As the host and producer of the Women On The Road podcast and outdoor retreat & excursion photographer, you'd be hard-pressed to find her without either a camera or an audio recorder in hand at any given moment. When Laura isn’t traveling in her self-converted camper van, you'll find her happy in Moab, Utah.

You can connect with Laura on Instagram @howsheviewsit and learn more about her creative work at howsheviewsit.com.


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