Honest stories about life on the road from women who've lived it firsthand.


When you’re always on the move, an opportunity to connect in person is one that’s hard to pass up.

That’s why we circle up once a year at the Women on the Road Campout: to laugh, share stories, learn practical skills, have honest conversations, and make memories with others who incorporate travel into their lives.

We’ll show up in whatever vehicle can get us there and—for a few short days—create a space unique to the experiences of women and female-identifying individuals, so that when we part ways we feel more connected, inspired, and prepared for every adventure to come.

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 An opportunity for our paths to cross


We’re excited to bring adventurous women and non-binary people together in Moab, Utah for a kid and dog-friendly community campout.

Your ticket includes two nights camping at Moab Base Camp, tucked between Canyonlands and Arches National Parks in the warm desert of the Colorado Plateau.

You’ll experience a weekend outdoors sharing music, food, stories, attending hands-on workshops and discussion panels to learn and connect with each other. We’ll be recording audio & podcast content on-site, too, of course.

A portion of your ticket will be donated to a local Moab nonprofit dedicated to helping the community.

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General admission — $75 per person (children under 16 are free)

Your ticket includes two nights camping, attendance to all hosted programming, supplies for workshop(s), live concert by Ira Wolf, giveaway prizes from our sponsors, some hosted drinks and snacks, and the opportunity to meet other travellers in the WOTR community along with podcast host, Laura Hughes, and the rest of the Ravel Media team.

Limited quantity Dog admission — $10 per dog (Service Animals are free)

Note: While Service Animals are exempt from the dog admission cost, Emotional Support Animals are not (reference this ADA guide for clarification). Please contact us if you’ll be bringing a Service Animal and let us know if you have any other questions about your dog!

Our venue is unfortunately only allowing us to host a small number of dogs, so if you can have alternative accommodation for them for a couple of days, please consider leaving them somewhere else so dog tickets can go to those who need theirs to come along. 

Add-on: SugarSky Women on the Road Bandanas — $18 with ticket, $24 at event

If you buy your limited edition WOTR bandana with your ticket, it’s 25% off and you’ll be sure not to miss out! We’ll have a small quantity with us at the event, but the pre-sale with your ticket guarantees you’ll be rocking a WOTR bandana no matter what.

The bandanas were custom designed by Hailey Hirst (of our Ravel Media team) with a hand-illustrated topographic map pattern on a dusty desert rose background color — a neutral pink that’s flattering to any complexion!

SUGARSKY Bandanas are:

  • Eco-friendly material (79% recycled water bottles, 21% spandex)

  • Eco-friendly ink + printing processes

  • 35+ UV-rating for sun protection

  • Wearable 6+ different ways

  • Handmade in the USA

  • Fabric printed in the USA

  • Comfy & stretchy, moisture wicking

Megan Cable  sporting her WOTR bandana.

Megan Cable sporting her WOTR bandana.

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purchase tickets below!

Or if you’d prefer not to use this form, you can purchase directly from Ticket Tailor.

There are no cancellations, refunds, or exchanges on any order for any reason once it has been submitted to us. If you are no longer interested in attending the event or using the tickets you originally purchased, we welcome you to list your unwanted tickets for sale on the Women On The Road Podcast Facebook group.



Moab Base Camp (formerly Entrada High Adventure Base) is located in the heart of the Colorado Plateau, nestled in the geologic wonderland between Canyonlands and Arches National Parks.

  • WEAther

    • Moab is mild in mid-autumn: Daily temperatures average highs of 74°F and nighttime lows of 41°F, with little chance of rain.

  • CAMP

    • Our venue is more “camp” than last year, but what it lacks in bathrooms it makes up for in its landscape and access to trails.

  • Amenities

    • Port-a-potties, shaded areas, tented gathering areas, communal space.

  • Water

    • We’ll have access to drinking water on site to refill water bottles and jugs.

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We’re lucky to have 2 Feature Sponsors supporting the event this year:




Who is this event for?

The purpose of this event is to bring together women-identifying and non-binary individuals. While we recognize (and truly appreciate!) that there are male-identifying members of this community as well, we intentionally are creating a space during this weekend where vulnerable sharing and community-building is possible. With that in mind, this specific event is not intended for partners, family, or friends who identify as male (with the exception of children). 

Also, you don’t need to be traveling full-time to attend or have a camper– just a passion for road trips and a desire to meet a community of road travelers for the weekend!

Is this event open to all vehicles?

Absolutely. We welcome all types of rigs, and you’re welcome to tent camp outside your vehicle as well.

Do I need to bring anything other than my ticket confirmation to obtain entry?

Nope! Just your ticket confirmation, printed or saved to your phone.

Is there a line up or schedule of activities?

This event is designed so you can choose your own adventure. While we’re working to schedule programming, workshops, and activities at certain times throughout the day, you can pick and choose what to do with your days. (We’ll post a schedule when we get closer to the event to help you plan ahead!).

What’s going on with the concert?

We’re very excited to have Ira Wolf playing a live show for us on Saturday night. The concert is included in your price of entry and is for attendees of the campout only.

What basic things should I bring with me?

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but here are a few things we’d recommend to give you some packing list ideas. As always, bring what works best for you and what you have access to!

  • Sunscreen or sun hoodie

  • Sunglasses

  • Hat and/or beanie

  • Micropuffer or fleece layer

  • Hard shell jacket

  • Sleep gear (sleeping bag, pad, pillow, etc. to fit your needs)

  • Tent (if applicable)

  • Flashlight or headlamp

  • Food

  • Cash (to support a few local, female-owned businesses joining us)


  • Gloves

  • Hand warmers

  • Camera

  • Swim suit

  • Travel towel

  • External battery pack (for charging devices)

  • Blanket

  • Camp chairs

What’s the food situation? 

Circle back for more details later! We’re still planning this part.

Will there be alcohol there? Can I bring my own?

We won’t be providing alcohol at Moab Base Camp, but you are welcome to bring your own beverages of choice. Only attendees 21 and over are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages at this event.

I travel regularly with a male-identifying partner but would still like to attend. What options do I have?

We have a few ideas to consider in the event you’d like to attend and are looking for ways to make it work with your male counterpart:

  • There are several free camping options in the area available on freecampsites.net. You’re welcome to tent camp at our gathering if your partner would like to use the van at another location.

  • If you’d like to have your own wheels for the event, you can also rent an Escape Campervan using this 15% discount code: WOMEN15

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, but we have to limit the number of furry friends this year. Bummer—we know!!

A couple ground rules if you’re bringing your furry travel buddy:

  • If your dog is off-leash, they need to remain within sight and under your control. No roaming dogs, please.

  • Make sure to clean up after your dog and follow Leave No Trace principles. No one wants to step in your dog’s poop!

  • Don’t feed other people’s dogs without permission! Always ask their owner first.

Still can’t find an answer?

Email us at wotrpodcast@gmail.com or get in touch on Instagram.


2018 Women on the Road Gathering — Taos, New Mexico

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