Episode 12: Conscious Conserving

Featuring Caroline Winslow

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It's a common assumption that living in a camper is better for the environment-- but is it really? Minimizing water consumption and running on solar power are great steps to take toward living green, but the continuous use of fuel and not always having access to compost or recycling while traveling can make it difficult to know if life on the road is actually helping the earth. 

Caroline Winslow, a college student and environmentalist, had many of the same questions when she moved into a van for the start of her senior year. 

Her knowledge on the cross-sector of camper living and environmentalism didn't result in a single, obvious answer to our question, but that's for good reason. She did, however, give us a lot to think about when it comes to our own consumption while traveling, including tips and ideas for reducing our individual footprints.

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