Episode 13: Success, My Son, and Escaping the Boxed Life

Featuring Bionca Smith, “Off the Grid with a Kid”

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Bionca Smith was living a comfortable life that most people would define as successful - a business where she created her own schedule and could work from home, a comfortable place to live, a new car, and a 9-year-old son she adores. But in her success, she still felt boxed in - by her environment, by debt, and by the constraints of a more traditional lifestyle. 

So she did something about it. She gave herself 30 days to move out of her apartment with her son with one goal in mind: travel the world together. 

In under a year, this vision has led them to several continents and now into a vintage Ford conversion van as they travel the States. In her zeal for a more spontaneous, connected life with her son, Bionca let go of many things - but what she gained in return is her own definition of success.

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Follow Bionca and Carter’s travels through her personal Instagram, @bioncasmith and adventure account, @offthegridwithakid

Bionca wrote a book on overcoming life challenges titled Promise to ProsperRead it now on iBook

Curious about schooling for your children while traveling? Learn about Connections Academy, the virtual school Bionca mentioned in this episode →

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