Episode 14: Driving Miss Norma

Featuring Ramie Liddle and the story of Norma Bauerschmidt

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Ramie Liddle has lived on the road on and off since her mid-twenties, but never did she have an adventure like her 14-month journey with Miss Norma, her 90-year-old mother-in-law. In 2015, Norma was diagnosed with terminal cancer two days after her husband passed away. Along with her husband Tim and their poodle Ringo, Ramie helped Miss Norma to live out her remaining year of life on the road instead of a doctor’s office. 

Miss Norma’s journey is one of bravery, compassion, community, and transformation at any age.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What spurred Miss Norma to hit the road at age 90

  • How to take advantage of a 14-month road trip with your family

  • How one family experienced going viral on the internet

  • Why talking to elderly relatives about end-of-life is important

  • What America’s Great Loop is and how to travel it

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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