Episode 17: For the Love of the Destination

Featuring Abbi Hearne

As an adventure wedding photographer, Abbi Hearne eats, sleeps, and breathes destinations.

It’s not just a part of her livelihood-- it’s a passion of hers to find these special places. In focusing on these destinations for the past couple years Abbi’s built up a successful photography business, traveling in their campervan to cover some of the most stunning locations in the western US with couples wanting to take a less traditional approach to getting married or celebrating their love. Abbi’s wielded a camera in almost every scenario-- from hiking on mountain tops to suspended 400 feet in the air for wedding held over a canyon in Utah that went viral late last year. From business tips to the challenges she’s overcome in building her dream business, Abbi’s stories and advice bring both reality and heart to what it’s like being a destination-focused, passion-driven, traveling female entrepreneur.

About Abbi:

Abbi Hearne is an adventure wedding photographer living on the road full-time with her husband Callen and their dog, Charlie. Together, they run The Hearnes Adventure Photography, specializing in intimate weddings and elopements all over the western US. When they’re not hiking into the wilderness with a bride and groom, you can probably find them skydiving, climbing, soaking in a hot spring, or car-hiking random dirt roads. They consider Moab, Utah and Yosemite National Park home, but can be found pretty much anywhere west of the continental divide unless they’re adventuring somewhere remote around the world. 

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What it means to be a traveling adventure wedding photographer

  • What it’s like sleeping in an uninsulated trailer in Utah during the winter

  • Why Abbi likes the simple, utilitarian build of her campervan

  • The moments Abbi loves most about her job as an adventure wedding photographer

  • Abbi explains the work it actually takes to build a successful traveling business

  • The two business-building factors that have led to gaining steady clients

  • How Abbi balances travel, outdoor exploration, and work

  • Laura and Abbi share anecdotes of mishaps while working outdoors

  • The roles Abbi and her husband take in their business to make it work while traveling

  • How to generate clients while traveling on the road

  • Gear and safety recommendations for photographers on the road

  • Why Abbi rarely discloses her photo and camping locations

  • The extreme way Abbi overcame her fear of heights

  • Abbi’s advice for people wanting to live more adventurously

Resources mentioned in this episode:

A morning view from the van

A morning view from the van

Abbi and Charlie

Abbi and Charlie

Photographing a wedding 400 feet in the air

Photographing a wedding 400 feet in the air

Abbi and Callen’s home on wheels

Abbi and Callen’s home on wheels

Abbi and Callen in their self-converted camper van

Abbi and Callen in their self-converted camper van

Taking in the beauty of Moab

Taking in the beauty of Moab

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