Episode 20: In Which I Am Hit By a Truck

Featuring Dani Bradford

Dani Bradford, a worldwide solo adventurer and writer, left Washington, D.C. by motorcycle on April 29th 2017. Her plan was to head south through North America, Central America, and South America, ending her trip in Patagonia at Fitz Roy. But an accident she was involved in changed her course in more ways than one. 

Dani wrote a piece about the entire incident titled “In Which I am Hit by a Truck”, and it was so powerful that we asked her to read it for us on this episode. While it’s normal to fear the worst while traveling, especially solo, Dani’s story is a good reminder that trauma always leaves room for humanity, resilience, and self-discovery.

About Dani:

Dani  Bradford  is a dirtbag  solo adventurer  and digital storyteller who  has traveled extensively across  the globe. In 2015, Dani completed  a 4,500 mile+ cycling journey through  15 countries from Portugal to the Republic  of Georgia. She is currently traveling  south down  the Americas  by motorcycle,  documenting her adventures on Lone Rucksack.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Dani Bradford's reading of her essay, “In Which I am Hit by a Truck”

  • How Dani got into her motorcycle accident

  • What Dani’s medical experience was like in Honduras

  • How the kindness of strangers helped her every step of the way

  • Her reflections on how her accident informs her life outlook

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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