Episode 22: Keep Driving South

Featuring Shruthi Lapp

You can find home in the most unexpected places. And if you're Shruthi Lapp, you find it in South America.

When Shruthi took off over two years ago in a camper with her husband, Peter, she wasn't expecting to end up in Baja, Mexico, wishing she could keep driving further south. She also wasn't expecting to take her camper to Miami, put it in a shipping container and-- knowing little Spanish-- meet it down in Colombia. But when you feel at home somewhere, you take your rolling home and your sense of adventure straight there.

From practical tips on traveling to and through South America, to charming anecdotes of her time on the road thus far, this episode will take you on a joy ride through some places we have yet to cover on this series.

About Shruthi:

Probably searching for her next falafel. Llama/Alpaca enthusiast. Currently exploring the South American continent in a 1987 Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon GL with a camera in-hand at all times. 

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How Shruthi’s camper first came into her life when she was a teenager

  • The trip that inspired Shruthi and her husband to do more long term travel

  • The unexpected story of what happened when Shruthi put in her 2 week’s notice

  • How Shruthi’s family reacted to her plans to travel on the road with her husband

  • A few of the ways Shruthi keeps in touch with her family while she travels

  • Why she loves Baja, Mexico so much, and how it inspired more travel

  • How to ship a camper van from the US to South America

  • Assumptions Shruthi encountered about traveling in South America

  • The challenges-- and hilarity-- of being a beginner Spanish speaker

  • How Shruthi finds free camping in South America

  • Why you should feel comfortable talking to locals and asking for help

  • Tips for preparing for yourself for road travel through South America

Resources mentioned in this episode:


Photos courtesy of Shruthi and Peter Lapp.

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