Episode 23: Financing Your Road Travel, Part 1

Featuring Kara Perez

We all know that money is a common (and sometimes large) barrier to travel. That’s why we decided to talk to women about their experiences managing money to create their on-the-road lifestyles. After all, hearing their stories helps us feel more empowered about making financial choices in our own lives.

In part 1 of this 2-part series, we hear from Kara Perez: founder of a financial literacy company called Bravely, and big time road trip enthusiast. Before she founded Bravely, Kara found herself in a tight financial spot-- debt and jobs that had her living paycheck to paycheck, no travel on the horizon-- and it inspired her to make some changes that have completely transformed the way she sees both money and travel.

Tune in to hear Kara’s practical tips, insightful experiences, and just the right amount of encouragement to take a closer look at your finances so you can travel on your own terms.

About Kara:

Kara Perez is a freelance writer and the founder of Bravely, a pop up financial literacy event company. She is passionate about helping women become financially confident, travel, and peanut butter. Find her in Austin, TX or somewhere on the road.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Why Kara believes that road tripping is super budget-friendly

  • How Kara tight her financial spot into a business that empowers women

  • Tips for budgeting for road trips of any length

  • How to smartly calculate how much you’ll need for gas on your trip

  • Why you should be proud for saving smaller amounts of money

  • How to decide where and how to pull back on your extra expenses

  • Why social media downplays how important financial planning is for travel

  • Tips for new and soon-to-be small business owners and freelancers

  • Why you should keep your personal and business finances separate

  • Common mistakes small business owners make, and how to avoid them

  • Kara shares how she travels on the road in an affordable way

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