Episode 24: Financing Your Road Travel, Part 2

Featuring Megan Cable

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In part 2 of our series on financing your road travel, we’re continuing to dive into financial management tips that address your time on the road. Saving up money is one aspect, but managing your savings smartly while traveling can be quite another! 

That’s why we wanted to seek advice and insights from Megan Cable, who travels full-time in her campervan and has a background in Finance, to help shine a light on how to keep an eye on your budget as the miles tick by. In addition to her firsthand experience, Megan also collected survey data on expenses from other road travelers, so tune in to hear thoughtful tips and inspiration for your own road trip spending plan.

About Megan:

Since September 2017, Megan has lived, worked and travel full time on the road with her partner from their converted Sprinter van, Vanna White. She was born and raised in the mountains of central California before testing out city life in San Francisco for the last 8 years leading into life on the road. She was drawn to this lifestyle by a desire to explore the corners of our country that she never knew existed, discover a place that feels like ‘home', and find opportunities for self growth in the process. She likes to think she creates a bridge between the rigid logic of numbers and the free spirit of creativity as both are something that inspire, fulfill and drive her.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How Megan took her job in Finance on the road with her

  • The savings plan Megan and her partner created before hitting the road

  • How much Megan and Laura each saved for 1 year of road travel

  • What Megan spends most of her extra money on

  • Megan and Laura share their biggest tip for minimizing your expenses

  • The process Megan uses to track monthly spend

  • The pros and cons of using spreadsheets versus online expense trackers

  • Laura shares how she makes saving money fun

  • Megan touches on high-level results of a road traveler expenses survey, including:

    • How much respondents generally spend on the road

    • The difference in expenses between solo travelers and couples

  • How to find the cheapest gas while traveling

  • Anecdotes of how expenses vary by region of the US

  • The mantra Megan uses for living a more minimal, frugal lifestyle

  • Megan and Laura’s tips for free and inexpensive in-town recreation

In case you missed it, listen to part 1 of this series here!

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