Episode 26: The Solo Travel Practices of Laura Austin

Featuring Laura Austin

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Nobody ever said that solo travel was easy. But someone like Laura Austin would probably say that it’s worth it.

Laura uses solo travel as a way of refreshing her mind when things feel stale at home, but you’d be wrong if you think she looks at these trips as vacations. Flat tires, loneliness, and uncertainty are all a part of traveling alone, and Laura is no stranger to any of them. But instead of seeing these challenges as obstacles to avoid, we spend this episode hearing from her on how these bumps along the way have been catalysts for her personal growth, even after the trip is over.

About Laura:

With wanderlust running through her veins, photographer Laura Austin is someone you can’t help but watch. After growing up in small mountain towns in Colorado and Vermont, she is currently based in Los Angeles. The contrast of her roots in nature and the urban environment where she lives now forces Laura to constantly escape the city and explore. Meshing her previous professions as a graphic designer and journalist, Laura’s skill is visual storytelling. She makes the simple fantastical and the fantastical feasible, roaming to all ends of the earth and bringing it back to us every time in hopes of getting you out to experience the world for yourself... or at least make you feel you were along for the ride just by looking at her images.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How Laura ended up taking an Airstream Nest around the US for 2 months

  • Laura’s favorite places over her 10,000-mile road trip

  • What Laura does to make a familiar place more exciting

  • The unexpected catalyst for Laura’s first solo road trip

  • What Laura really loves about solo travel, both the expected and the unexpected

  • How the self-confidence from solo travel translates into day-to-day life

  • Laura shares whether she gets lonely or not on the road

  • The methods of travel Laura has used over the years

  • What it was like to travel with a trailer for the first time

  • Why Laura really likes long driving days

  • The podcasts Laura listens to most-- and why she also likes driving in silence

  • What mindset Laura brings into challenging times on the road

  • The quote Laura lives by that she wants you to know about

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