Episode 27: Following Through on Healthier Traveling

Featuring Jayme Serbell

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There’s a common misconception that living on the road equates to having a healthy lifestyle. The reality is that it can be just as challenging to meet personal health and wellness goals while traveling-- with the added chaos of keeping a constant travel schedule. But for Jayme Serbell, moving into a camper and hitting the road opened her mind up to the possibility that she could take action to create healthier habits, one small step at a time. 

And after a year of traveling, her commitment to those small but daily efforts tell quite the story.

About Jayme:

Jayme Serbell is the founder of Gnomad Home, an online resource for camper travelers. She travels around with her dogs and husband John in a 1996 Chevy Express High Top Conversion Van that they  built out with their own two hands! As soon as they hit the road, Jayme began the very first steps to reclaiming her life and discovering who she truly is. For her, the van and all the discomforts that come with living on the road gave her a freedom not just of beautiful sceneries and a life of flexibility - it gave her the freedom to be real with herself, and create the happy and honest life she wants for herself internally.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Why Jayme decided to create a healthier lifestyle for herself

  • The biggest challenge Jayme has faced yet on her path to live healthier

  • How social media can stagnate your own development in wellness

  • Jayme’s thoughts on cleaning your yoga mat while living outdoors

  • How living on the road has helped Jayme to make changes to her habits

  • Laura shares her experience with going plant-based while traveling

  • The reason why Jayme doesn’t keep Oreos in her camper

  • Jayme shares tips on how to say ‘no’ to alcohol in social settings

  • How Laura and Jayme got their families on board with their new ways of eating

  • Jayme’s favorite healthy meals to cook in the van, and Laura’s new favorite camper kitchen appliance

  • The tool Jayme uses to set and achieve goals for her overall wellness

  • What Jayme tells herself when she doesn’t meet a goal that she set for herself

  • Tips for keeping up with your own health goals while traveling long distances

  • Why it’s okay to take a break sometimes

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