Episode 28: When Best Friends Travel

Featuring Macy Pate and Emily Breedlove

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It takes a special kind of friendship to road trip together. So when we heard that Macy Pate and Emily Breedlove were taking a 6-month BFF road trip post-college, we wanted to hear their stories. From tips on finding free camping to insights on what this trip together has meant, you might be tempted to call up a friend and plan your next road trip after tuning in.

About Emily:

Emily graduated last May with BFA in fashion design, so she’s a seamstress and designer by education. She wants to start a program that teaches industrial sewing and manufacturing skills to the underprivileged. Emily loves learning anything and everything about the world and she thinks traveling is the best way to do that. She’s also passionate about coffee, ice cream, and Post Malone, in no particular order.

About Macy:

Macy graduated this past December with a psychology degree from Harding University, with the ultimate goal of being a caseworker for displaced families/refugees. She’s a photographer and has been shooting engagements/weddings/seniors/anything professionally for a few years now. Traveling is her #1 fave thing to do. Seeing the world and learning new perspectives is, in her opinion, the best way to combat ignorance. Macy also loves movies, donuts, and dancing (badly).

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How Macy and Emily decided to take a road trip together

  • What the reaction from friends and family were like, and how they showed support

  • Where Macy and Emily took their camper over their 6 month trip

  • The places Macy and Emily most often find free places to stay overnight

  • Tips for stealth camping

  • How Macy and Emily navigate their friendship while traveling on the road

  • What they’ve learned about each other from living in a camper together

  • The privilege in choosing to live on the road, for however long

  • Macy and Emily share their thoughts on pursuing your dreams now

  • Advice for students and recent grads on taking time to travel

Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • See more of Macy and Emily’s 6-month adventure on their shared Instagram account, @van.babes

  • Follow Macy and Emily’s next chapters on Instagram - @macypateand @ejbreezyyy

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