Episode 29: Bus Life, Bikinis, Body Positivity

Featuring Martha Hudson 

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Self love and body positivity are a continual journey for us all, whether you travel on the road or not. And while it’s important to talk about, for many of us it can be challenging, painful, or even plain taboo. For solo traveler Martha Hudson, creating custom bikinis out of her converted school bus became one way to host this conversation and show the world that bodies of all types deserve to have swimwear they feel comfortable and confident in. 

From the importance of letting go, to how Martha views her own self love practice, tune in to feel a little more confident in your skin.

About Martha:

Martha Hudson is a self-described one woman circus... if the circus involved no circus tricks but was a really a girl making bikinis in a shortie school bus while living in said school bus. She wants to be a “kitschy roadside attraction” when she grows up, and at 29 she’s well on her way.  She spent her childhood in Northern California, where she developed her lifelong passion for collecting secret swimming holes, waterfalls, hot springs and rock jumping spots... a passion she has managed to turn into a full-time lifestyle and career. She loves any adventure to and in any body of water, but as a plus-sized woman, struggled to find swimwear that could keep up. So now she makes it herself and encourages every size, shape and gender to get out on the road, or the trails or in the water.. or whatever it is you do to really, truly play.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How Martha ended up living and working solo in a school bus

  • Martha’s story of how getting priced out of housing in California led to more life on the road

  • What it was like to convert a school bus with no prior experience

  • The variety of different jobs Martha has had while traveling

  • Martha’s thoughts on calling something quits, and why it’s okay

  • Different types of vehicles Martha has found herself in at moments she was in transition or taking risks

  • Thoughts on how leaving is a powerful act and a gift

  • Why Luv Martha swim got started and what Martha does that’s unique

  • Martha’s thoughts on diversity and body positivity

  • Stories of the online response to Martha’s body positive social media account

  • How self love plays a huge role in Martha’s fuel for her work

  • What Martha loves most about being a solo female traveler

  • The way time truly alone has allowed Martha to face her fears

  • Martha’s perspective on safety on the road as a solo female traveler

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