Episode 31: My Dog is My Co-Pilot

Featuring Laura DeMaio Roy

This episode sponsored by Deuter and Escape Campervans.

There are a lot of considerations to make when owning a dog, regardless of where you live. But when you travel regularly, there are even more questions to answer before making decisions.

We’ve known for a while that this episode needed to happen. Why? It’s partially because so many of you have dogs already. We see the photos posted in our Women On The Road Podcast Facebook group, and a lot of them have a four legged creature in the background, curled up on the bed or sitting excitedly in front of your parked rig. It’s also partially because the question “Should I get a dog before hitting the road?” comes up often in this tight knit little community. 

Either way, getting a dog is a big decision, and so is bringing one on the road with you. But fortunately, as we’ve found time and again with this community-- we know just the person to help with tips, answers, and insights when it comes to choosing, training, and traveling with dogs: Laura DeMaio Roy.

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In this episode you'll hear:

  • How Laura has crafted her dog training business for a more mobile lifestyle

  • Tips Laura has for respectfully visiting National Parks with her dogs, and how to keep them safe and happy in parks they’re not allowed

  • What to do when deciding whether to leave your dogs in your camper during hotter or colder seasons

  • Why Laura took 2 different training approaches with her 2 dogs when it came to road travel behaviors

  • How to combat car sickness in dogs

  • What considerations Laura made to her camper conversion to accommodate her dogs

  • Why you should consider crating your dog while driving your camper

  • Laura’s top 3 trained behaviors for dogs who live on the road

  • How to know your dog shouldn’t be off-leash, even in open areas

  • Laura’s number 1 tip for safely breaking up a dog fight

  • The biggest factors to consider when choosing the right dog for you and your travels

  • Why fostering and rescuing dogs can be the best option

  • Laura’s top tips to prepare yourself and your dog for travel of any kind

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