Episode 32: Cancer's Landscape

Featuring Jennifer Langille

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Jennifer Langille has been living and offroading in a Jeep, photographing and interviewing those impacted by cancer and finding parallels between the landscape she experiences on the road and the landscape navigated by those impacted by cancer.

For Jennifer, you’ll hear that things came together over a couple of years, culminating with her decision to live and offroad in her Jeep for long stints at a time, and it’s this life on the road that has not only allowed her project to take place, but her perspective as a traveler has enriched the photography work she’s doing now.

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In this episode you'll hear:

  • Why Jennifer decided to live out of her Jeep for her project, Photos That Unite

  • How she got involved with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

  • The two experiences that showed her she could live full time on the road

  • How Jennifer finds people to interview for her project

  • Jennifer’s thoughts on the power of story-telling, especially tough stories

  • The loneliness of being a cancer patient

  • Jennifer’s insights on the parallels between wildfires and navigating cancer

  • How Jennifer practices self care on the road

  • About the book Jennifer is creating as a result of this project

  • How this project has impacted her perception of doing things your own way

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Cancer's Landscape Jennifer Langille-12.jpg
Photography by C.T. Bell @charlestbell for Blue Ridge Overland Gear

Photography by C.T. Bell @charlestbell for Blue Ridge Overland Gear

Cancer's Landscape Jennifer Langille-13.jpg
Cancer's Landscape Jennifer Langille-14.jpg
Cancer's Landscape Jennifer Langille-10.jpg
Cancer's Landscape Jennifer Langille-6.jpg

Unless otherwise specified, photos by Jennifer Langille / @jennifer.langille

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