Episode 34: On Her Homeland

Featuring Chantal Wadsworth

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Sometimes, when we travel, it’s to go back home. Chantal Wadsworth is traveling back to explore her home in a big way, because she grew up on the Navajo reservation in New Mexico. 

As you’ll hear in this episode, the outdoors hold a special place for Native people, for the Navajo, and for Chantal personally, which is why she and her partner secured remote work, bought a Ford Transit van, converted it into a simple home on wheels, and are currently traveling around the Navajo Nation and 4 Corners area to reconnect with her roots-- the land she loves so much and grew up around, as well as her family who lives in that region.

What we find particularly beautiful about Chantal’s story is not just how much she wants to accept from this experience, but how much she wants to give back-- to the land and her community.

About Chantal:

Chantal Wadsworth is a Navajo woman on the road, traveling the Navajo Nation and Four Corners area, along with her partner and two dogs. On a journey to learn, connect, heal and protect indigenous lands. Follow them as they reconnect to these sacred places.

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In this episode you'll hear:

  • The experience that led to Chantal and her partner getting a van

  • Why Chantal wanted to return to New Mexico, where she grew up

  • What the transition to living in a van with her partner has been like

  • Chantal explains what her grandmother thinks about her campervan

  • Stories from Chantal’s childhood growing up on the reservation

  • How Chantal views sharing information about Native lands

  • Where you can find more resources on the Native history of local lands in the US

  • A few of Chantal’s favorite places she’s visited in the Navajo Nation and Four Corners area

  • How we can all care for the lands we visit

  • Why Chantal thinks it’s important to reach out to Native youth when it comes to outdoor recreation

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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Chantal with her partner and pup

Chantal with her partner and pup

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