Episode 35: The Jewelry Shop in the Truck

Featuring Madison Hampton

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When someone says they take their job with them on the road, usually the most common conversation to come up is about continual access to internet and getting onto conference calls in the correct time zone. But there are also a ton of folks out there who craft their own tangible goods, like Madison Hampton of Vancrafted Studio-- a jewelry maker and business owner who creates stunning pieces from her 4x4 truck camper. 

Professional makers have their own unique business challenges when it comes to road travel-- from storage, to crafting the good themselves, to shipping and more, and Madison is a knowledgeable, honest voice to address them on this episode. From practical tips to hearing what inspires her and more, this episode is dedicated to all the makers out there who dream of travel.

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In this episode you'll hear:

  • What Madison’s truck camper set up is like

  • Why she and her fiance downsized from a cargo van to a 4x4 truck

  • Whether Madison misses anything from her van now that she downsized to a truck

  • How Madison started her business and what it took to make it possible to travel with

  • Anecdotes from Madison’s challenges to creating jewelry outdoors

  • What Madison does to prepare her business for long term travel

  • How she receives packages for supplies while on the road

  • What Madison does to keep everything organized in her truck

  • The place Madison has been finding inspiration recently

  • How she started her business on a tight budget

  • Madison’s travel style and the benefits of living all over the country

  • 2 simple tips to start your business that have worked for Madison

  • Whether Instagram has worked for Madison’s business or not

  • How she has created her business so she can spend more time traveling and exploring the outdoors

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Photos of Madison by Amber Sovorsky

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