Episode 36: Reset

Featuring Lianna Lee

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Every so often, we hit a wall and need to reset. Things feel stagnant, or too routine, or not in alignment with our values any longer. Maybe we stayed still too long, or maybe we got off track. Resets just need to happen sometimes. 

Lianna Lee knew she needed one this summer, which is why she quit her job, changed her apartment, and hit the road for a month all at the same time -- without a back-up plan or a financial safety net. Some might call is scary. Others might call it irresponsible. But for Lianna (and probably for you at some point, too) it was completely necessary.

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In this episode you'll hear:

  • How Lianna made her month-long road trip work

  • What she would do differently if she were to do the trip again

  • The freedom of social pressures while traveling on the road, especially physical appearance

  • Lianna’s thoughts on privilege and access to National Parks

  • How Lianna knew she needed to leave a stable career path for something new

  • The logistical challenges Lianna encountered as she prepared for this big life reset

  • What it means to Lianna to be a Chinese American adoptee, especially in the outdoors

  • How Lianna’s experience as an adoptee and a person of color shows up in the outdoors as well as on the road

  • A few of the ways Lianna’s reset facilitated her own metamorphosis

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