Episode 37: Starting Off Solo

Featuring Emily Hart

Emily Hart is no stranger to solo travel. In fact, she’s on a quest to visit every National Park in the US, and she has some insightful thoughts on what it’s like to start traveling alone.

Whether you travel alone regularly, or the thought of it fills you with dread-- we’ve been there. And this episode is for you.

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In this episode you'll hear:

  • What newfound solo travel for host Laura Hughes is like

  • Why Emily started traveling to National Parks

  • How many National Parks Emily has visited solo

  • What Emily’s simple car camper conversion is like, and why she loves it

  • How using travel as self care helps Emily be a better teacher

  • The way Emily views being “outdoorsy”

  • What Emily’s middle school students glean from her travels

  • How she balances full-time teaching with her adventures

  • What advice Emily has for those wanting to start new, big solo endeavors

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Photos courtesy of Emily Hart

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