Episode 38: In The Wake of Grief

Featuring Lauren Walker

In the last two years, Lauren and her long-time partner Trent bought a house, planned their kitchen remodel, saved up for their honeymoon, and got married. But then suddenly and unexpectedly, Trent died. Just two months into their marriage, Lauren was alone. 

As you can imagine, everything changed for Lauren with Trent’s passing, but one thing she’s kept as a constant is a van that belonged to him. Now she’s traveling full time around Australia in it, allowing herself room to process her grief. Along the way she's also sharing her thoughts openly online with others in hopes of encouraging others to embrace their lives and loved ones fully, every day.

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In this episode you'll hear:

  • Lauren’s journey of grief after losing her husband, Trent

  • How van travel has helped Lauren in her healing process

  • The ways Lauren has grown since hitting the road

  • Why you should plan a little less

  • What Lauren thinks about safety and fear on the road as a solo traveler

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Lauren and Trent on their wedding day — photo by Rae Marie Photography

Lauren and Trent on their wedding day — photo by Rae Marie Photography

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Photos courtesy of Lauren Walker

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