Episode 43: Care is a Two-Way (City) Street

Featuring Rachel Fairchild

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As a nurse, Rachel has studied and practiced the art of giving care for quite a while. But it wasn’t until she moved into a van that she started to appreciate what it takes to receive it from others.

No matter how, how often, where you go, or who you travel with, there is a certain sense of self-reliance that everyone who hits the road or lives in a camper needs to take on in order to be successful. But as you’ll hear in this episode, there’s also a great power in learning to accept care from others—be it directly or indirectly, ongoing or in one passing moment—because being on the road, or supporting those who are, also means being a part of a community. And our strength is in how we care for one another.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The vintage van Rachel lives in, and how she renovated it to suit her lifestyle

  • Why Rachel stealth camps part-time, and how she does it

  • The benefit of parking in cities with other van travelers

  • The importance of accepting help and support from others while traveling

  • How Rachel’s career as a nurse interacts with her life as a van dweller

  • What it’s like for Rachel to find a balance between urban and wild camping

  • What makes social media useful for van travelers, and how it can hinder

  • The unlikely resources Rachel turned to for support with her build and beyond

  • Rachel’s insights on the RV community and how it’s different from #vanlife

  • Tips on how to be a considerate and safe stealth camper

  • Why you don’t have to spend a lot of money to outfit your vehicle for travel

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Rachel far right

Rachel far right

Rachel Fairchild - photo by Megan Cable (3).JPG
Rachel Fairchild - photo by Megan Cable (1)-1.jpg

Photos courtesy of Megan Cable

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