Episode 46: Boundaries

Featuring Dani Reyes-Acosta

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Boundaries don’t usually sound like fun (unless you get a thrill from breaking rules, in which case more power to you). But for the majority of us, especially those with a desire to travel, boundaries can kind of sound like a drag. Which is why when Dani Reyes-Acosta, a long-time road traveler and remote brand strategist, shares how learning to set boundaries for herself has actually been a key factor in her continued growth and even aided in her repeated decisions to say yes to travel—well, we were pretty much hooked.

From what she learned driving around Mexico, to why she travels solo even though she has a partner, Dani’s stories show the liberating side of creating boundaries.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Where Dani has traveled, and what got her started in the first place

  • Why she prefers slow travel

  • How travel helped Dani find healing from trauma

  • What creating boundaries has done for her travels, and beyond

  • How Dani feels about traveling solo now that she has a partner

  • The importance of finding balance when it comes to compassion

  • How taking things one step at a time is often the best approach

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Dani surfing in Oxaca, Mexico

Dani surfing in Oxaca, Mexico

Photo by Kylie Fly at Project16x

Photo by Kylie Fly at Project16x

Dani at Yosemite

Dani at Yosemite


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