Episode 48: All the Right Moves

Featuring Kate Ortiz

Kate Ortiz is making all the right moves—mostly because she’s turned her last two cross-country moves into epic multi-state road trips.

Not sure about you, but it sounds stressful to live on the road and move simultaneously. Where do you put all your things? Like, really? Do you take a trailer? What about when you get to where you’re going? Do you already have a job lined up? What about the costs associated with moving? Doesn’t that make it harder to actually make the most of your travels?

Kate answers all of these questions, plus so much more, live from host Laura’s driveway. She shares her account of making the most of her moves with her husband Enrique and two cats and demonstrates that it doesn’t take much to turn any travel opportunity into an unforgettable adventure.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How many places Kate has been able to visit during her moves

  • Why you should consider more van camping on the East Coast

  • The beauty (and solitude) of state parks

  • Why Kate’s favorite time of year to camp is fall

  • How Kate first started turning her moves into big road trips

  • Tips on how to ship moving boxes safely and inexpensively

  • What Kate learned from two cross-country moves

  • The importance (and struggle) of getting rid of your belongings

  • How to pack for every season in a camper when space is limited

  • Ways you can give back to friends when you stay at their houses

  • The importance of visiting friends while traveling

  • What it’s like to travel in a camper van with two cats

  • How Kate keeps her cats warm while traveling in the winter

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Robert Langdon in the snow

Robert Langdon in the snow

Aurora Borealis at the beach

Aurora Borealis at the beach

20190125_080531 - BANNER.jpg
An instant film scan of Kate, Aurora, and Laura circa 2011

An instant film scan of Kate, Aurora, and Laura circa 2011

Kate and her husband Enrique (with Dagmar the van) on their wedding day

Kate and her husband Enrique (with Dagmar the van) on their wedding day



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