Episode 5: Space to Create

Featuring Savannah King

From the moody East Coast to the heart of the Southwest desert, Savannah King is on a lifelong search for experiences to fuel her music. After a stint of stagnation living a more conventional life, she turned to living on the road with her boyfriend in hopes of rediscovering her inspiration. As it turns out, new people, places, and a vintage campervan were just what she needed to reignite her passions.  

Hear Savannah in words and music on this episode as she tells her story of growth, creativity, and creating a space for the life she most wanted.

Also included in this episode: why you should always check the ground you’re parked on, our hypothesis on what makes Sedona so magical, and the story of Laura’s forgotten ukulele.

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Music for this episode is by Savannah and the Kings from her most recent album, Bold And Unsteady.

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