Episode 54: Give & Take

Featuring Katie Boué

When you’re on the go, it can feel freeing to not have roots. You’re here, then you’re there. But the reality is that all of us who travel, for any length of time, create an impact on the communities we travel to and through, which can be tough to remember that because it feels like sleeping in a public parking lot for 7 hours doesn’t leave a lot of room to give back to the people who live down the street. Or does it?

Katie Boué, part-time road traveler and full-time public lands advocate, has a lot to say about the give and take we engage in as travelers: both in the outdoors as well as in local communities. Because the reality is that no matter how often we relocate, we leave an impact wherever we go, and that acknowledgment in itself holds power.

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In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Katie shares her many varied types of road travel she’s done in the recent past

  • How Katie got started in public lands advocacy

  • The two types of stories we tell policy makers about the outdoors

  • How large the outdoor economy is (spoiler: it’s huge)

  • Anecdotes of how local communities have benefitted from outdoor recreation

  • How any type of outdoor recreation is an extractive activity

  • Ways we can give back to the land and local communities while traveling

  • How we vote with our individual dollars

  • The vast potential of positive change through social media

  • The two easy things you can do to develop a deeper connection to the places you travel through

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photo by Brody Leven

photo by Brody Leven

Katie with Spaghetti

Katie with Spaghetti

Some of Katie’s garbage haul in her home of Florida

Some of Katie’s garbage haul in her home of Florida

Katie kayaking — photo by Jo Savage

Katie kayaking — photo by Jo Savage

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