Episode 56: From Country to Country

Featuring Margaret Miller

Crossing international borders on your own road adventure can seem expensive, challenging, and honestly: rather intimidating. But after hearing the unparalleled excitement in Margaret Miller’s voice for all things international road travel, we’re finding less excuses to not try it more often because Margaret has quite the list of countries under her belt when it comes to road trips—from guiding overlanding adventures in Africa to taking a DIY campervan around Europe—and she’s taking time to share her well-traveled advice with us in this episode.

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In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Why Margaret built her campervan to not look like a campervan

  • How Margaret landed a job as an overlanding guide

  • What it was like to tour lead long road trips in Africa

  • What spurred her vanlife-style road trip around Europe

  • Tips on safety and keeping your camper anti-theft friendly

  • What outdoor experiences Margaret enjoys in Europe

  • The small luxuries Margaret likes to integrate into her travels

  • What passport privilege is, and why it matters

About Margaret:

Margaret Miller is from Minnesota and has been traveling internationally for two years, non-stop. She escaped corporate America to live out of vechiles in Europe, Africa and Australia, allowing her to explore over 25 countries by road so far. Leaving home and traveling fulltime brought her to her family; her partner she met in New Zealand and their kitten we rescued in Croatia. Margaret's journey is just getting started, but she's learned the best adventures are never planned.

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