Episode 57: Advice II

Featuring the Voices of 9 Female Travelers

In this 2nd annual “Advice” episode, we ask our 9 most recent interviewees the 5 most commonly-asked questions we’ve been hearing online and in person from female road travelers. 

Because anything can—and often does—happen on the road, more perspectives usually help so that you can learn, reflect, and ultimately decide for yourself what feels right. And when we as female travelers share advice with one another, it does some important things: it normalizes that we are competent and can be sources of knowledge, and it also shows each other that there is no one way to do road travel. You can have a different perspective and still make it happen.

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In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Answers and insights to 5 commonly asked questions about traveling on the road:

    • How do you finance your travels?

    • What do you do about safety?

    • Do you ever get lonely, and how do you combat that?

    • What are your best tips for camping?

    • What is one item you couldn't live without while traveling on the road?

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A handful of the voices featured in this episode:

Katie Boué on a road trip — photo by Jo Savage

Katie Boué on a road trip — photo by Jo Savage

Rachel Hill

Rachel Hill

Lindsay Hall

Lindsay Hall

Alli Powell

Alli Powell

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