Episode 61: Finding Her Words

Featuring Ira Wolf

We meet with traveling musician Ira Wolf at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in Colorado when she unexpectedly made the journey down from Alaska to play at a singing/songwriting competition. For Ira, making the trip was more than about striving for first place. It was about challenging herself to find her words.

Tune in for travel stories, artist insight, and more. We also share a brand new song of Ira’s, which she played live in Telluride at the competition!

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In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Ira’s history with music, and all the instruments she played as a child

  • How Ira began her very first DIY tour

  • What makes Ira nervous when performing (spoiler: it’s a short list)

  • Why Ira especially loves the vehicle she travels in now

  • How it has been managing writer’s block

  • What made Ira decide to travel abroad this winter, and what she gained from it

  • Advice for anyone wanting to start on the road as a creative

  • Plus:popular songs from Ira’s current discography and a brand new, unreleased song she played in Telluride, recorded live

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Featured music for this episode is by Ira Wolf, with additional music by Jason Shaw and Josh Woodward.

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