Episode 62: From Honeymoon to Home on Wheels

Featuring Anna McNaught

It’s smart advice to consider renting a camper van before you buy one-- just ask photographer and digital artist Anna McNaught, who had lots of experience in road travel but little in the world of camper vans until she rented one for the first time recently with her husband, James. For Anna, renting a camper van turned out to be the catalyst for moving their dreams of long-term road travel forward.

This special episode made in partnership with Escape Campervans covers everything from practical tips in renting to what considerations you might want to take if you decide full-time road travel is for you.

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In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Why Anna and her husband James decided to rent a camper van for their honeymoon

  • We wax poetic about the simple luxuries of camping and roads trips

  • Tips on what makes a good camper van rental company

  • How Anna and James knew that they wanted to buy a van after renting one

  • What vans they considered, and how they made their choice

  • How Anna plans to take her cat on the road

  • Laura and Anna discuss methods for managing mail and insurance while on the road

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Photos by Anna McNaught and James Bonnano.

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Music is by Josh Woodward.

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