Episode 63: Wellness, RVs, and Earning Degrees

Featuring Faith Austin

Faith Austin is following her gut, even when it defies the norm. From her views on body positivity and mental health to her decision to move into a trailer after earning her college degree, Faith decided to embrace a life of trusting herself and seeing where it takes her-- including the open road.

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In this episode, you'll hear:

  • What type of trailer Faith got, and why she wanted one she could renovate

  • Faith explains her business and how she is able to take it on the road

  • Where Faith started on her journey of physical and mental wellness

  • The ways Faith plans to manage her health while on the road

  • How Faith views her role as a wellness coach

  • An important lesson Faith has learned from her clients

  • The improvements Faith has made to her RV trailer

  • How friends, family, and co-workers reacted to Faith’s decision to move into a trailer

  • Why it’s fun to place a food delivery order when you live in a trailer or camper

  • Faith’s thoughts on why it’s important to trust your instincts

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