Episode 64: How to Hit the Road

How to Hit the Road

Sponsored by Otterbox

In partnership with Otterbox, we had a conversation with some experienced female travelers around getting started in road travel while at the Outdoor Retailer conference in Denver, CO-- then brought our learnings straight to you in a fun and informative bonus podcast episode!

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In this episode, you'll hear:

  • What different factors can contribute to choosing a vehicle, and what you still might change about them

  • How to convert the car you have now into a DIY camper

  • How to balance work and travel

  • Ways to navigate relationships when you want to hit the road

  • What qualities make a good spot to camp

  • A couple tips on feeling more safe when traveling solo

  • How to travel well on the road with dogs

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The present-day team! Noël Russell, Gale Straub, Laura Hughes, and Hailey Hirst.

The present-day team! Noël Russell, Gale Straub, Laura Hughes, and Hailey Hirst.

Photos courtesy of Hailey Hirst (and final photo shot by Otterbox team).

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