Episode 66: Overlanding Costa Rica... Then the World

Featuring the Women Overlanding the World team

It’s possible that after hearing this episode, you’ll want to overland more, or for the first time. In fact, maybe you’ll realize that overlanding is what you’ve been doing all along!

Host Laura Hughes shares her experience overlanding for the first time in Costa Rica while asking questions of experts—the 4 women who run Women Overlanding the World: Sunny Eaton, Taylor Pawley, Karin Balsley, and Ashley Giordano. Like the Women on the Road community, these women have created space for conversation in the overlanding community, driven by and in service of the female perspective.

Whether you need a 101 course on what overlanding is, or you’re interested to know why Costa Rica might just make it onto your list of places you want to road trip next—tune in for some stories, in-the-field recordings, and practical tips on how to show up prepared.

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In this episode, you'll hear:

  • What overlanding is, and how it’s both different and similar to road trips you’ve probably been on

  • What gear you need (or don’t need) to overland

  • What online event was the catalyst for Sunny initially starting Women Overlanding the World

  • Why you would ever want to road trip in Costa Rica

  • How you don’t have to drive a manual transmission to be an overlander

  • What tips and insights are most helpful to someone unfamiliar with Costa Rica prior to traveling there for an overland trip

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photos courtesy of Desk to Glory.

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