Episode 67: That Forward Momentum

Featuring Gina Danza

It’s not easy to create momentum, but when you finally do it can carry you far. From a cross-country move to a career development to the healing nature of road trips, photographer Gina Danza leans into her self-created forward momentum in all aspects of her life. 

As you’ll hear, it’s taken a lot of energy, personal strength, and attention to self care and mental well being to keep that forward momentum going, but you’ll also hear that there’s no sign of Gina stopping anytime soon. Because forward momentum, especially that which we create in an effort to fulfill our passions, make a positive impact, and reach our highest potential-- well, that’s not something to take for granted.

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In this episode, you'll hear:

  • The catalyst behind Gina’s move from Los Angeles to New Jersey

  • How Gina views caring for your mental health

  • Tips for accessing mental health resources while traveling

  • The road trips that helped Gina during transitional chapters

  • What places in the US Gina finds the most inspiring and why she wants to return

  • The story that started Gina’s deep-dive into DEI within the outdoor industry

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