Episode 69: To Feel Everything

Featuring Sloane Thomas

You’ll hear this from the start, but Sloane Thomas is full of purpose when it comes to this chapter of her life. A sober solo traveler, long-distance runner, and lover of the outdoors, Sloane took off in her van earlier this year after a challenging life chapter gave her every reason to fully embrace life: the ups, downs, and everything in-between.

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In this episode, you'll hear:

  • How Sloane manages to do multiple sports while on the road with limited space for gear

  • Why she runs long distance, and the big goal she has for herself in the coming years

  • The major life events that led to Sloane getting and converting a cargo can into a camper

  • Why Sloane chose to have her van converted by a third party

  • Sloane shares her story of sobriety, and the benefits of staying sober while traveling

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