Episode 70: Where the Road Forks

Featuring Kristin Holden

There will always be reasons not to hit the road, but if you ask solo traveler Kristin Holden, she’d tell you that wanting to travel is enough, and there’s no reason to stop yourself from living your dreams-- even if nobody else is ready to go with you.

From self love talk to long distance relationships to the learning curve involved in getting out there on the road, this episode is for anyone looking for a little extra support in hitting the road.

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In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Kristin’s biggest learning curves to living on the road

  • What Kristin wishes she had taught her dogs before hitting the road

  • Why Kristin decided to hit the road solo this year

  • The steps Kristin took to transitioning her job to a remote position

  • How it can be challenging to meet people on the road, and tips for making it easier

  • Tips on grey water tanks and dirty water management

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