Episode 73: Solo Travel on 4 Wheels

Featuring Sylvia Longmire

Sylvia Longmire is a writer, Air Force Veteran, mother of two boys, longtime world adventurer, and recently became a wheelchair user. To date, Sylvia has visited 54 countries, 43 of those as a wheelchair user and 34 of those by herself. Sylvia uses her talent for writing to share resources with wheelchair user communities and encourage others to get out there, too.

Whether you currently use a wheelchair, know someone who does, or might some day (which is something everyone has in common!), this episode is full of practical tips, advice, and inspiration for your next adventure.

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In this episode, you'll hear:

  • How Sylvia got started traveling

  • What destinations Sylvia is drawn to as a wheelchair user

  • A few of Sylvia’s favorite wheelchair-accessible destinations

  • Three essential factors that are important to travelers using wheelchairs

  • Some basics on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and how it interacts with travel

  • How road trips can be possible for those using wheelchairs

  • What it’s like for Sylvia to travel with her kids

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