Episode 8: Every Small Step

Featuring Mikaela Hamilton

This episode is brought to you by Deuter.

Real talk: falls of any kind are scary. We lose control. We might face injury. We find pain in getting up again. When full-time solo van traveler Mikaela Hamilton took a 15-foot fall while rock climbing, she found an inner strength to rise, recover, and wind up stronger for it in the end. She also found that every challenge we face in life can be overcome through a series of small steps, and it inspired her to get outside her comfort zone in ways she’d never thought of before, both on and off the road. In short—this episode has motivation and insight written all over it.

Also included in this episode: why you should take regular snack breaks, how to get your van unstuck from a sand pit, and a case is made for walking around your neighborhood more often.

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Check out Mikaela’s Instagram and learn more about life on the road through her website

Curious about Mikaela’s outdoor education internship at Voyageur Outward Bound? Dig into their website

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