Episode 9: Death Dialogue

Featuring Morgan Brown

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Morgan Brown currently lives in a vintage VW van, and she has a lot to say about death, dying, and loss. At the age of 22, her mom was killed in a car accident, and since then she’s been looking for ways to give people permission to share their hard stories. Because everyone has them. And because they matter. 

These stories matter so much that Morgan carries a collapsible phone booth atop her van, the centerpiece for a project she started aptly titled “Conversations I Wish I Had”, driving it to communities looking to share stories of loss to demonstrate the innate need we all have to tell our hard stories, be it to another face or a phone receiver. 

Laura met with Morgan in Santa Cruz, California to hear her perspective, experience the phone booth firsthand, and join a Conversations I Wish I Had pop-up event to see what others do when given the opportunity to share their tough stories with someone who wants to listen.

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Photo by Bobby Cochran

Photo by Bobby Cochran

Photo by Elizabeth Engel

Photo by Elizabeth Engel

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Photo by Mackenzie Duncan

Photo by Mackenzie Duncan

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